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Benefits of Using a Bidet

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How to install the Ivyel bidet

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Do's & Don'ts


Don't sit on the bidet cover as this may damage the bidet. Please sit only on the seat. 


Don't push down on the seat or cover while it is closing because it may cause the soft closing feature to malfunction or break.


Don't clean the bidet with cleaning products that have chemicals. Only use organic cleaners or alcohol wipes. Using other products may cause discoloring, cracks and breaks.


Do contact our support team if you need help with anything at all. We can help you with installation, troubleshooting, and more. 

Need a manual? 

Lost your manual? No worries, we've got you covered.



Many technical issues can simply be resolved by resetting your bidet back to the manufacturer mode. Click here if you have a panel bidet. Click here if you have a remote bidet. 



Is it difficult to install a bidet?

No. They’re very easy to install and most of the time it will take less than an hour. The only tool you need is a wrench and everything else comes in the box. If you do find it difficult to install, you can always find a friend or a plumber to help you install it.

Is it possible to install a bidet on any toilet?

There are two types of bidet sizes which are elongated and round.

First, you must check if your toilet is a one piece, where the toilet bowl and water tank is connected as one whole toilet, or a two piece toilet, where the toilet bowl and water tank are separate pieces. For one piece toilets, there must be an L-shaped form where the tank connects

to the toilet bowl in order to be able to install the bidet. If so, go through the instructions for the two piece toilet.

For french curve toilets:

French curve toilets are one piece toilets that have a curved tank that slope towards the front of the seat. Bidet installation is NOT possible for french curve toilets.

Do I need to have an electrical outlet near the bidet?

There should be a power outlet near the toilet bidet. The power cord attached to the bidet is about 4 feet long, so if the outlet is farther away than that, you need to prepare an extension power cord.

What is the length of the bidet’s power cord?

The power cord length for the Ivyel bidet is approximately 4ft (47.2 inches). The power cord comes out from the left side if you were to sit on the bidet seat. If your electrical outlet is farther than 4ft away from the toilet, we would recommend you to use an extension cord.

What if water leaks after installing a bidet?

The T-adapter connection part installed on the toilet water tank part contains a rubber ring to prevent leakage. If the rubber ring is missing, water will leak. Be sure to check it before installation. Check that the bidet hose connections are well connected.

Can the bidet be removed from the toilet and cleaned?

When viewed from the front of the toilet, the bidet release button is located on the lower right rear side of the bidet. Pull the bidet body forward while pressing this button to separate the bidet from the toilet. Then you may clean the lower part of the bidet.

How do I clean the bidet?

The bidet should only be cleaned with a neutral detergent or water. Using detergents or wipes containing acid detergents, including clorox, may cause the bidet plastic to harden and crack or break.

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