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Alkaline Water Ionizer Resources

What is an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

It is a machine that produces alkaline reduced water with pH levels ranging from 8.5 – 10.0.
Firstly, it creates mineral water by removing only harmful substances through the water filter in the machine without removing minerals from tap water. When the mineral water is electrolyzed through the electrolytic cell inside the machine, alkaline reduced water containing calcium ions (Ca), magnesium ions (Mg), potassium ions (K) and other positively charged ions, and acidic ionized water containing chloride (CI), sulfur (S), and other negatively charged ions are gathered to create two types of water.

Alkaline ionized water is a functional water that has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea and Japan to have an improving effect on hyperacidity, chronic diarrhea, indigestion, and abnormal fermentation in the intestines.

In addition, there are more than 10,000 dissertations that show that it helps blood-related symptoms such as diabetes and blood pressure. The health improvement effects of ionized water is still being studied further.

The biggest characteristic of alkaline ionized water is that the cluster of water molecules are 1/3 the size of normal water molecules. When you drink water with small water molecules, they are more readily absorbed into the cells and cleans wastes better, making the water more efficient. 

Another hypothesis is that the abundant amount of active hydrogen generated in the electrolysis process eliminates active oxygen, the cause of all diseases, from the body. That is, that the reducing power has an antioxidant effect.

How to Install

The water ionizer installation can be done in either one of two ways: connected to the faucet or connected directly to the cold water tap under the sink.

1.    Installation of the water ionizer can be easily done by connecting the adapter (included in the box) directly to the faucet.

2.    If you cannot connect the faucet adapter because the faucet is of a shower type or for more convenient use of the machine, you can install it by connecting the under-sink adapter included in the box to the cold water hose under the sink.

·      The under-sink adapter included in the box is standard size. Sometimes, depending on the house, the under-sink water valve is 3/8” rather

     than the standard size. In this case, you must purchase and install an additional 3/8 adapter from a hardware store.

Please refer to the video below for detailed installation instructions.

**After completing installation, drain the water for about 3 minutes with the setting on “purified” before use. Black water may come out for a while which is normal due to the activated carbon content in the filter. You can use it after allowing water to flow through the machine for about 3 minutes.

How to install under the sink

How to install to the faucet

The Ivyel alkaline water ionizer creates alkaline level 1 (pH 8.5), alkaline level 2 (pH 9.0) , alkaline level 3 (pH 9.5), and alkaline level 4 (pH 10).
Depending on the mineral content of the water source (tap water) coming into your home, you may need to adjust the pH at each stage.
First, use the pH test solution in the box to test whether the pH is accurate for each level. Let the alkaline water come out for about 15-20 seconds for each level and after collecting about 10mL in the enclosed plastic test cup, add about 3 drops of the test solution and stir well. Repeat for every level. The setting has been correctly set if level 1 is green, level 2 dark green/blue, level 3 dark blue/light purple, and level 4 purple.
Commercially available paper-based test methods can be erroneous, so use the included test solution or use an electronic pH tester to verify accuracy. If the color is not as listed above, for example, steps 1-4 are all green, you can change the setting of the machine according to the quality of the water source. 

Please refer to the video below for detailed instruction on changing the setting

How to check & adjust the pH level 

How to use the machine

1. After selecting the desired alkaline level (1-4), press the on/off button to dispense water. Press the on/off button once more to stop the water.
2. The selected water comes out of the upper iron hose, while acidic ionized water comes out of the lower gray hose at the same time.
3. Acidic ionized water is good for the skin and can be used by collecting it in a basin or bucket. 
Even if you leave it for 2-3 days, the effect is maintained, so do not throw it away and use it.
-It has an astringent effect when you wash your face and is good for acne and atopic skin.
-If you gargle with acidic ionized water after brushing your teeth, it sterilizes your mouth and is effective against gum inflammation.
-Spraying acidic ionized water at the end after washing your hair is good for dandruff and other hair problems.
-If you spray it on pets such as dogs with skin problems, it has a good effect, 
and if you give it a bath with it, its hair becomes shiny and combs well when brushing.
4. Normally, when alkaline water comes out, you can use acidic ionized water coming out of the gray hose below. If you do not have collected acidic ionized water or need to use acidic ionized water in a hurry, you can press the on/off button after selecting level 1 or 2 of acidic ionized water. At this time, acidic ionized water comes out through the upper hose and alkaline water comes out through the lower gray hose (do not use the alkaline water coming out of the  lower hose as drinking water).

How to use alkaline water

1. Alkaline water level 1: pH 8.5, level 2: pH 9.0, level 3: pH 9.5 and level 4: pH 10. You can choose from the 4 levels of alkaline water. 

The higher the alkaline level, the higher the mineral content and hydrogen content, resulting in a higher antioxidant effect.

 - Children under the age of 10 can drink level 1 water.

 - Normal adults drink level 2.

 - If you have a disease such diabetes, or blood pressure or are trying to prevent geriatric diseases, choose and drink level 4.

 - If you are drinking alkaline water for the first time after drinking water from a water purifier without minerals, or if you have a weak stomach, you may experience symptoms of stomach pain due to the change in water. To gradually adjust your body, drink level 1 alkaline water for about 2 days,and if you don't see any adverse effects, increase it to level 2 again and drink it for 2 days, then level 3 for about 3 days, and then go to level 4 to get used to it.

 - For pre-weaning babies, choose the purified (mineral) setting.

2. Purified (mineral purified water) in alkaline water ionizers is mineral purified water containing minerals unlike water purified by general water purifiers.

Alkaline water has smaller particles than normal water and is quickly absorbed, so when taking medicine prescribed by a doctor, the medicine may be too quickly absorbed and may differ from the expected effect of the medicine. It doesn't matter if you take vitamins or general health supplements with alkaline water.

3. In addition to drinking water, it is good to use level 4 alkaline water for food preparation such as water for cooking, vegetable and fruit washing, rice washing, and water for rice. Alkaline water is effective in removing pesticides and oxidized wastes from vegetables and fruits because it has a strong power to clean wastes like soap. 

In particular, if you wash fruits with the most pesticides, such as grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes, with alkaline water compared to tap water, bottled water, or general water purifier water, you can see that wastes that were invisible when washed with normal water are washed out. Even if you boil a broth like vegetable soup, you can experience a much richer broth.

4. There are several levels of alkaline water that come out when using the machine. Audio volume can be adjusted with or without volume. 

Please refer to the manual for instructions on adjustment. If there is a power outage, it will revert back to the default setting, so please adjust it again at this time.

How to replace the filter

1. Filter replacement is required every 6 months or 951 gallons of water use (including both alkaline and acidic water), whichever comes first.
2. When it is time to replace the filter, the “FILTER” sign on the screen will blink and the machine will tell you to replace the filter. This alert will sound even if your machine is muted.
3. After the filter replacement alert comes on, please replace the filter within 7-10 days. It is safe to drink the water during that time frame so you do not need to worry.
4. After replacing the filter, you must reset the filter life manually. To reset the filter life, press and hold the “RESET” button for 5 seconds until the screen shows "100". Please run “PURIFIED” water for 3 minutes before drinking.
5. When you first run water through the new filter, black water may come out due to the activated carbon content in the filter. This is normal so please continue running the water and use after 3 minutes of draining.
6. In some cases, water doesn’t come out right away due to the pressure and air in the new filter. This is also normal so please press on the “ON” button again to run the water.

1. It is said that the lifespan of the platinum plate of the electrolyzer in the alkaline water ionizer is usually 10 years, and there is nothing special to maintain if you replace the filter every 6 months and clean the scale well every 1.5 to 2 years in hard water areas. Parts may need to be replaced once every few years depending on usage or environment. For example, in the case of solenoid parts that open and close water flow, they become loose after a few years and need to be replaced like the brake pads of a car. The symptoms that show that parts need to be replaced are water leaking from under the machine, buttons not working, or water not coming out. In this case, please contact the Ivyel customer service center.
2. Alkaline water is water that is high in calcium minerals. The nature of calcium is invisible because it exists in an ionic state when dissolved in water, but when combined with carbon dioxide in the air, it becomes a solid state as calcium carbonate, making a white buildup on pots, cups, and coffee pots. It can look messy and it's not good for your machine, but it's a calcium mineral that your body needs. The calcium nutrient we eat is also calcium carbonate, and when we eat it, stomach acid melts it into calcium ions and absorbs it into the body, so you don't have to worry about it accumulating in your body or creating stones. The cause of stones is that acidic waste builds up in our body and removes calcium from the bones, and as such acidic wastes accumulated in the blood can become dangerous. Experts say that if you drink alkaline water, these stones will be dissolved. In hard water areas, usually every one and a half to two years, this scale buildup blocks the waterway, and the amount of water coming out of the upper hose decreases and water only drips out. This is when an internal machine cleaning is necessary. You can purchase a cleaning kit through
3. If you select acidic ionized water once or twice a week and let acidic ionized water flow through the upper hose for 1-2 minutes, it has the effect of slowing down the rapid formation of calcium buildup.
4. White buildup on cups, pots, and coffee pots cannot be removed with household detergents. However, if you soak it in white vinegar, the strong acidity of the vinegar dissolves the alkaline calcium scale within 30 minutes to 1 hour, so please use vinegar.
If you have any questions or need support during use, please contact

Do's for your alkaline water ionizer


Do make sure your pH is leveled properly by doing the pH liquid test that was included in your box. (Alkaline 4 should be purple.)


Do replace your filter when it is time. Your machine will tell you when you are due for a filter replacement. 


Do maintenance your machine by cleaning the electrode plates. We recommend you to do this every year. 


Do contact our support team if you need help with anything at all. We can help you with installation, troubleshooting, and more. 

Need a manual? 

Lost your manual? No worries, we've got you covered.

Helpful Resources



Many technical issues can simply be resolved by disconnecting your electric plug. Wait five minutes and connect the plug back in. Wait 2 minutes before using and try testing the product again.

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