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Alkaline Water Ionizer
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the white stuff in my water?

The presence of white deposits in your water cup/bottle is a common occurrence and not a cause for concern. These deposits result from the accumulation of positive mineral ions during the ionization process in alkaline water. Upon reacting with carbon dioxide in the air, a thin layer of residue forms on the surfaces of glasses and containers. Comparing sealed and open containers reveals more deposits in the latter.

A slightly cloudy appearance in your water is often a positive indicator, signaling the presence of dissolved oxygen. However, if you observe white particles settling in freshly drawn alkaline water, it suggests limescale deposits inside of your machine. To address this, it's recommended to clean your machine more frequently following our cleaning guidelines.

The white substance in alkaline water is likely mineral deposits, primarily composed of calcium and magnesium. These less soluble minerals precipitate during water ionization, appearing as white particles or sediment. Electrolysis in alkaline water machines can contribute to mineral accumulation inside of the machine. Regular cleaning is crucial to preventing this buildup and maintaining water quality. For persistent issues or concerns, please contact our support team.

How much alkaline water should I drink a day?

Drink as much water as you can. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is for men is about 3.7 liters a day, and about 2.7 liters a day for women. It's hard to drink that much water a day. But it's important to keep your body hydrated as water is the fuel your body needs to function properly. If you find it hard to drink water, start off by drinking your normal daily amount. Then try to increase a cup everyday until you reach your goal. Drinking water is a habit since your body doesn't constantly tell you it's thirsty. We highly recommend you to prepare a large bottle of water each day so you know exactly how much water you are drinking. 

Is alkaline water from the machine the same as bottled alkaline water?

Yes and no. Bottled alkaline waters may be the same in the aspect of pH level. However it is not the pH level that keeps us healthy. Rather, it is the antioxidants in the water that are beneficial. If you get alkaline water directly from our water ionizer, that is when you will get the highest level of antioxidants in your water. As hours go by, the antioxidants in the water will continually decrease. This is the reason why bottled alkaline water cannot have the same high levels of antioxidants in the water. Alkaline ionized water that you get fresh from the machine is always the best, which is why we recommend you to drink fresh water you got the same day. If you still have water left in your bottle the next day, throw it out and get new fresh alkaline ionized water for the best results.  

How much time does it take to adjust to the higher pH alkaline water?

Every person is different. The key is to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. We recommend everyone to start with alkaline level 1 and move up a level every 2-3 days. If you feel like you have some side effects like nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, etc, move back down a level and slowly pace yourself to go up a level. 

Are there any side effects from drinking alkaline water?

There are many studies on the health effects of alkaline water, but there is none that directly correlate the side effects to alkaline water. Rather, the reason people feel side effects is likely due to the detoxification process. Alkaline water is well known to detoxify our bodies, especially more in the beginning stages since your body has more to detoxify. 

Side effects in the beginning stages could mean pains, aches, rashes, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, nausea, etc. It is important to always listen to your body and take is slow when necessary. Your body needs time to alkalize itself, so always take it slow if you feel out of the ordinary.  

Does alkaline water have the same benefits when I boil it?

When you boil alkaline ionized water, it loses its alkalinity and ORP. But because of its micro-clustered properties, there are many clients who tell us their food tastes much deeper and flavorful when they cook with alkaline water.  

Which bottle container is best for storing alkaline ionized water?

Insulated medical-grade stainless steel vacuum bottles store the pH/ORP better than any other options. It is highly recommended to use bottles that do not have any air gaps. 

How do I clean the white stuff in my water bottle container?

The white particles in your bottle container is due to the calcium minerals that turn white when it reacts with carbon dioxide. The easiest way to clean this is to put vinegar in your bottle for an hour, and clean it with soap and water. 

What type of maintenance does the water ionizer require?

There are two things you need to do to keep your water ionizer in top notch. Filter replacements and machine cleanings. Filter replacements are required every six months or 1000 gallons of use, whichever comes first. A cleaning of the inside of the machine is recommended once a year using our cleaning kit to prevent calcium build-up on the electrode plates. 

Does my machine tell me when it's time to replace the filter?

Yes, the machine has a voice alert and the filter replacement sign will show on your machine's screen when it is time to replace the filter. 

Why does my machine not turn on? 

If there is no power in your machine, it is likely the fuse that has to be replaced. The fuse is located on the back of the water ionizer. 

Can I open the machine if something doesn't work properly?

Opening the machine will void your warranty. If you are having trouble with your water ionizer, please contact our customer support team by calling 714-232-2215 or emailing us at

Can I adjust the volume on my water ionizer?

Yes, instructions on adjusting the volume can be found in your user manual. 

Is it okay to place the water ionizer in direct sunlight?

No, we do not recommend placing the water ionizer in a locations where there may be direct sunlight as this may damage the machine. 

My water pressure seems lower than usual. What can I do?

This means it is time for a cleaning service. Sometimes, the machine requires a deep cleaning service which requires for us to open the machine. Please try doing the cleaning service at home with our cleaning kit first. If the pressure is still low, it may require a deep cleaning service. 

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