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Uses Of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is not just for drinking, but can be used for many other purposes

Clean Fruits and Vegetables

Washing fruits and vegetables in alkaline water keeps food fresher for prolonged periods.

Hydration After Exercise

After exercising, our bodies begin to sweat and try to absorb liquids faster. Alkaline ionized water has smaller clusters and is therefore absorbed faster, replacing the need for ionized energy drinks.

Tenderizes Meat if Soaked

If meat is soaked in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes, the meat becomes more tender.

Tasty Broth & Soup
Because of it's smaller water clusters, when cooking broth and soups, the natural flavor of the food is enriched. Less ingredients can be used to create the same deep taste.
Removes Stain on Silk

If stains are not handled properly, it could create a bigger stain. Thoroughly soak the stain in alkaline water and gently wipe the stain. 

Coffee and Tea

If alkaline ionized water is used to make coffee or tea, it livens up the taste and fragrance to create a deeper taste.

Formula Water

Alkaline water of pH 8.5 can help a growing infant's bone development and growth, which is why it is best to use to prepare baby's milk.

Healthier Pets
Alkaline water helps pets by nourishing their bodies with more minerals for a healthier pet. It also helps to reduce odor.

Uses Of Purified Water

When taking prescription medications

Alkaline water is absorbed much more rapidly throughout our body. Because of that reason, it is best to take prescription medications with purified water. 

When making formula milk for babies

It is advised to refrain from giving babies alkaline water due to the delicate state of their developing digestive systems. Instead, it is recommended to provide purified water to infants who have not yet started consuming solid foods. 

Uses Of Acidic Ionized Water

Acidic ionized water has a variety of unique methods of use

Secret to Skincare

The astringent effect contracts the skin's pores just like a toner would. Rinsing the skin with acidic ionized water helps improve skin from troubles and rashes.

Newborn Bathwater

A newborn's skin surface has a pH of about 5. This level of pH has a higher level of effectiveness in sterilizing. Bathe baby in this water for preventing and treating skin trouble.

Hemostasis Effect
Compress the bleeding area and apply acidic ionized water to disinfect the injury. This will prevent the forming of pus because of its contracting effect and promotes hemostasis, minimizing pain.
Heat Rash, Eczema
Soak a towel with acidic ionized water and place over heat rash or eczema everyday. Also very effective if you spray the area with acidic ionized water.
Athlete's Foot / Hemorrhoids

Immerse feet into acidic ionized water for about 20 minutes a day. This will help improve athlete's foot and feet odor. For hemorrhoids, use a warm water compress 2-3 times daily.

Brushing Teeth

After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with acidic ionized water. Hold the water for about 3-5 minutes for healthier gums.

Sterilize and Disinfect

Acidic ionized water can be used safely around the kitchen to sterilize and disinfect. You can also soak your kitchen rag in acidic water overnight for a clean non-smelly rag the next morning.

Scalp and Hair Care
Strongly helps the scalp to retain its glossiness and prevents hair loss and dandruff. Hair will also feel smoother if rinsed with acidic ionized water

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